Soweto Kliptown Youth (SKY) provides hope and services to some of the most neglected children in South Africa.

SKY's exemplary leaders and programs are the glue that connects people in need to support and opportunities. Name the need a child has and SKYwill be there to meet it.

The results are obvious! The minute you enter their neighborhood, the children are joyful an warm despite the many hardships they face everyday. They have pride, energy and talent and they abundantly share it with others. They have a chance to make it with SKY at their side.

Bob Nameng, SKY's founder, was a neglected street child who was given a second chance. He says, "I won't let any child suffer what I had to. They are our Kings ans Queens."


"Visiting SKY in Kliptown with my daughter was the highlight of our trip to South Africa."

Youth Programs
Founded in 1987, SKY has formal and informal programs to support children and teens including sports, performance arts, support groups, girls empowerment &life skills classes. City Year has provided a team of afterschool tutors and mentors. The NBA has funded a new youth center complete with computers and books.

Care for the Aged & Sick
Theelderlyare also supported by SKY. They are driven to appointments. the women infected with HIV/AIDS have a crafts project. They make beautiful handcrafts witch are sold to the visitors to Kliptown.

Visitors and Tourism
Visitors to Johannesburg hoping to connect with Africans will embrace the chance to visit Kliptown. Children will greet you with singing, dancing and smiling. If you are lucky, you will watch one of their powerful theatre productions. You can visit with the residents, see a home, and be touched by it all.


Lack of infrastructure: Shanty-type homes lack electricity and plumbing. No school, clinic, or library.

Lack of opportunity:
Unemployment is very high. Most adults lack education or source of incom. Youth have few productive outlets–school is not free and jobs are unavailable.

Health Crisis: The HIV/AIDS epidemic leaves many children orphans. Low life expectancy.Linited access to health care.

Wealth of spirit:
Thanks in large part to SKY, Kliptwon is blessed with hope and a caring community. Ubunthu–an African word meaning "humanity to others".